“ Myth is, After All, The never-ending story !” – John D Vinge

From Mona Lisa’s Magical gaze myth to The planet Earth Being flat myth, there are thousands of myths that have been debunked, thanks to how advanced technology has become. Although there are still some misconceptions and myths that are considered as the truth.

The Internet is a huge platform, one can find the answers to almost everything here, however not everything you read on the internet is true.

Here are the 7 Web design & Marketing myths debunked:

1- Online Advertising will increase your sales within a day.

So there are two main types of marketing, first, one is traditional marketing that is printing, broadcasting, direct mailing, outdoor advertising while the second one is a digital marketing/ Online marketing that uses social media, paid advertising, and websites. Both of these types do not increase sales within a day.

It takes time to connect with the audience, to gain their trust, to make them believe that your product or service is exactly what they need.

Like all good things in life, patience is a key component of your company’s digital success. Trust your marketers, be patient and you may be blessed with the right amount of sales within a month.

2- SEO is a one-time investment

Search Engine Optimization is how your website’s ranking rises. SEO is an essential step that needs to be taken after the website goes live.

Although many believe that it is a one-time affair, well that is not true. SEO its a continuous process and slowly and gradually it helps the website’s ranking As the search algorithm becomes more advance and competition rises, Your Seo strategy will need constant attention and adaptations.

3-Retargeting is not good for the business

Retargeting can be very essential if done in the right way. There is an 80 percent chance of the lead getting converted into profit by retargeting.

Today when you can go from buying onions to buying a house online there will be hesitation or people will go looking for 100 other options before they decide to go with your company, retargeting is like reminding them that we are still available. Through consumer behavior studies it is proved that retargeting is extremely beneficial if not in the right way!

4- Content Writing is only good for brands like Nike or Coca Cola

A website is a home for your business, it consists of everything that one needs to know about your company. Unlike interpersonal communication where you can explain certain topics to your target audience, the website can only be present in front of the audience and it is for them to decide how they feel about it.

Good content on the website is how potential customers or clients can trust your business. There is a huge misconception that only brands who target teenagers can benefit from content marketing. Content marketing can give a good result in any business. Good content on the website can give assurance to your customer that you understand their needs and can give them what they need.

5- Website Development does not take a lot of time

A website consists of not just the design but images and content too. When the developer is designing the website he is also relying on the graphic designer and the content writer to finish their work so he can complete the website.

The amount of time the website takes to be developed depends on the functionality and features of the website. An e-commerce website like Amazon or snap deal cannot be made in 1-2 days. A website also needs to be responsive so that anyone can check it form any device.

If it’s not basic, It will take time!

6- Website is a one-time affair

Many People think the website needs to be developed once and use it as it is for 20-30 years. That is not the case, you can think of a website like it’s a motorcycle, it cannot be purchased and kept in the backyard it needs to be used and checked upon frequently.

Each and every page on the website needs to be optimized for SEO. It needs to be updated and enhanced according to its features to get maximum leads and grasp the target audience’s attention.

7 – The Bigger the website the better it is.

To some extent yes it’s true, But overdoing anything is not good.

A website should have all the pages that are needed. For example, if it is an e-commerce website it should have a favorites page, If it’s an online training website it should have a page that can give knowledge about the particular course.

A normal website should have the following pages.

  • A homepage
  • About us page
  • services / Product page
  • Contact page
  • Blog Page

Any page other than these can be included depending on the type of business being promoted. Too many pages can overwhelm or confuse the visitors Hence just the right no. Of pages can do good for the company!

These are some of the famous Marketing and Web designing myths that needed to be debunked.

Website Designing and Marketing is not unchallenging But when executed in the right way it can make the utmost changes.


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